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Click to watch these short video series designed especially for those caring for children and youth in foster care.

Shared Parenting

Shared ParentingFormer foster parent Donna Foster explains shared parenting in foster care, discusses common challenges, and offers advice to foster parents.
comp-imagePart 1 (2 min.)


Part 2 (2 min.)


Part 3 (2 min.)



Trauma and Behavior

Trauma and BehaviorThis series covers how trauma affects the brain, why traditional behavior management approaches often don’t work, the importance of positive relationships for healing, and advice for struggling caregivers.
comp-imagePart 1 (5 min.)

comp-imagePart 2 (4 min.)

comp-imagePart 3 (5 min.)

comp-imagePart 4 (4 min.)



rodney_button_finalThis series covers why visits are so important, why parents sometimes miss visits, and research-based suggestions to get the most from visits.
Part 1 (3 min.)comp-image

Part 2 (3 min.)comp-image

Part 3 (5 min.)comp-image