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Fostering NC

A learning site for North Carolina foster and adoptive parents and kinship caregivers.

What We Do
Foster mother playing soccer with children.


Supporting the Transition into Adulthood

Supporting the Transition into Adulthood [UNC] Teaches strategies resource parents can use—including North Carolina’s LINKS goals and Transitional Living Plan—to help youth in foster care successfully transition into adulthood. Includes candid, practical suggestions from an experienced foster parent. (1 hr.)

Supporting Kinship and Kin-Like Caregivers

In this course, participants will learn about what kinship and kin-like care is and how it benefits children and families. Participants will also learn about what it means to be a licensed kinship caregiver and what resources are available through … Read more

Identifying and Managing Implicit Biases

In this brief series, resource parents will increase their awareness of implicit biases and how biased decision making can impact permanency outcomes for children, youth, and families. It also provides a variety of strategies to help caregivers identify and manage … Read more

Kinship Caregiver Resources

This new page features a collection of courses and other resources of special interest to kinship caregivers. Visit…

What We Do

On‐Demand Courses

The short courses, all of which are free, are available any time and include a certificate of completion learners can share with their supervising agencies.
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The following topics are helpful for all parents and caregivers.

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Video content on a range of topics.

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The following are key resources for North Carolina’s foster and adoptive parents and kinship caregivers.

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Frequently Asked Questions about becoming an foster or adoptive parent.

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About FosteringNC

Learn about FosteringNC, our partners and supporters.

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Foster parents are encouraged to talk in advance to their supervising agency about obtaining  training credit through

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