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The following are of interest to all parents and caregivers. As noted below, the length of each recording varies. Many have materials you can download to help transfer what you learn to your work with children and families.

Parenting Kids in Care

This webinar explores why “normal” experiences are so important and describes how to implement North Carolina’s “reasonable and prudent parent standard.”
Watch 60-minute webinar recording (60 min.)
Download Handouts (2.7 MB)
This webinar shares information to enhance participants’ ability to help parents care for child welfare-involved children with ADHD, with a special focus on monitoring and oversight of treatment modalities, including psychotropic medication.
Watch 78-minute webinar recording (60 min.)
Download Handouts (1 MB)
In this recorded webinar from the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ Children’s Bureau, participants will learn about how to care for and support children experiencing foster care as they cope with grief and loss.
Watch 61-minute webinar recording (60 min.)

Working with Others

Domestic violence is a common trauma faced by children in the child welfare system. To keep children safe and help their families heal and prosper, child welfare professionals must have a wide variety of skills. This webinar focuses on two of the most important: (1) identifying and engaging batterers and (2) crafting effective family service agreements.
Watch 90-minute webinar recording (60 min.)
Download Handouts (2.2 MB)
This webinar is an introduction to North Carolina’s child and family team (CFT) process and how GALs can be involved.
Watch 45-minute webinar recording (60 min.)