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Kinship Caregiver Resources

November 8, 2022

This new page features a collection of courses and other resources of special interest to kinship caregivers. Visit…

Critical Partners for Permanency

June 29, 2022

This 1-hour course explains why North Carolina prefers to achieve permanence through reunification or kinship care, the importance of shared parenting and helping youth maintain connections with people that matter to them, and the role kinship care can play in achieving permanence. Take course…

Court: Roles and Obligations of Foster Parents

April 18, 2022

Topics covered by this 1-hour course include the key players in the court process, the types of court hearings, responsibilities of foster parents in court proceedings, and North Carolina’s Foster Parents’ Bill of Rights. Take course…

Promoting Normalcy

April 7, 2022

This 1-hour course is about supporting the social and emotional development of young people in foster care by applying the “reasonable and prudent parent standard.” It explains how foster parents can use this standard to help children and youth in their care experience “normal,” developmentally-appropriate activities. Take course…

Trauma and Behavior

January 14, 2022

This video series covers how trauma affects the brain, why traditional behavior management approaches often don’t work, the importance of positive relationships for healing, and advice for struggling caregivers.